On “The Grid” episode 417

I had a ball sitting next to Scott Kelby critiquing photographs of animals on Wednesday February 19th, 2020.

By the way, as I wrote that date it occurred to me to mention that if you have not changed the Copyright info from 2019 to 2020 on your camera and in Lightroom, get to it ASAP!

OK, back to Scott and The Grid.

First things first, when I arrived at the KelbyOne.com offices, there were large monitors up announcing that “Steven Gotz is in the house”. As you can imagine, that felt great! Then I was escorted into Scott’s office. Now, since I have been playing guitar for 55 years (badly I must admit), seeing his guitar wall with 17 electric guitars, including a Gretsch F-hole Hollowbody that would be my guitar of choice of all of them, and then another couple of guitars on stands behind his desk (the ones he plays regularly) which he says he switches out now and then, was really a treat.

I was also pretty interested to see that we have a lot of the same books on our bookcases.

Scott made me feel right at home, and double checked the pronunciation of my last name, which is always appreciated.

He asked me if I knew what made a good guest? I really didn’t have an answer. He told me that it was someone who talked! Which makes total sense. I laughed and told him that had never been a problem for me.

It is my opinion that the reason we got along so well while critiquing photos is that I am a fan of his, and I learned how to critique photos from Scott and his many guests while watching Blind Critiques just like the ones we were doing live, on air.

If you were ever wondering if Scott or the guests looked at the photos ahead of time, they don’t.

If you shoot wildlife, either in zoos and safari parks, or out in the wild, I believe you might enjoy watching this episode of The Grid. We talk about shutter speeds, we talk about cropping and we talk about the moment of capture.

The Grid is available on Scott’s Facebook page here:


On YouTube here:


Check out a couple of photos from the experience on my new Instagram page @artofzootography

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